Woodway Inc is proud to unveil their newest innovation in cardio fitness: the ProSmart Touchscreen Display.

The Woodway ProSmart touchscreen is a one-of-a-kind display that personalizes every aspect of the user’s experience, including customized workouts based on each person’s unique fitness level.

The ProSmart allows users to follow along with Guided Training, a goal oriented six-week progression of programs tailored to the user’s progress. Some of the current goals include High Intensity, Weight Loss, Interval Blast, Leg Strength, Plateau Buster, and Rock & Roll 10k. These programs do all of the periodization and planning for you, all you have to do is run. It’s like having a personal trainer at your fingertips.

When creating a User Profile on the ProSmart, users enter their fitness information, and workouts are then tailored to fit their current abilities, as well as their future goals.  User Profiles are then stored in the Cloud, meaning they can be accessed on any treadmill with a ProSmart touchscreen display. Never worry about forgetting your training plan, even when you’re on the road.

The Woodway ProSmart engages users in their workout with the ability to stream TV, internet, music, and music videos. On top of that, soon realistic and video game run simulations will engage the user in a way never before possible on a Woodway Treadmill, with elevation and speed changing in real time with the simulations.

With a monochromatic color scheme, any facility can customize the display with their specific brand colors, as well as add their custom logos to the display screen, allowing for enhanced brand consistency throughout the facility.

Woodway is continually adding new features to the ProSmart. Some future enhancements that are in the works include remote control of the display, and group training integration.

Intelligent remote function control, coming soon to the Woodway ProSmart, is a whole new experience in cardio training. Every aspect of the display will have the ability to be controlled remotely on a mobile device, meaning personal trainers and coaches can oversee and regulate their athletes’ workouts without having to reach over the treadmill, past the user, to get to the display.

The future of group training is on its way. Woodway ProSmarts will soon have the capability to connected to a larger screen, like a TV, and show the displays of multiple treadmills at once. This allows a trainer or coach to give both individualized and group feedback, as well as promotes healthy competition between all of those training.

Combining ingenuity, ease of use, and the Woodway Difference, the ProSmart Touchscreen Display is changing the face of fitness. It’s no longer just a workout, it’s an experience.